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The following links given here are in response to the many requests we get for the teaching materials we have developed for use in our program.  Some of these are free here on this site, and some are publications that can be ordered through a link provided to a distributor.


1. Guitar Instruction Materials List

Here is a list of the materials you will need to study Suzuki Guitar.

2. Three Steps for Sizing and Buying a Guitar Your Child

Your teacher will help you purchase your instrument, but the information here will help you get started on your own.  Remember to ask if you are interested in the possibility of buying a used instrument.

3. Practice Routines & Games

To help making practice at home fun and easier to accomplish!

4. The Suzuki Guitar Fake Book

The link below is for a book that is an invaluable tool for integrating Suzuki students of mixed levels together in a single group class.  This resource is very useful as a reading development supplement.

5. Music Symbols Checklist

This link is a list of all of the musical symbols (pictures of symbols included) that the student will encounter in Suzuki Guitar Book 1. The symbols are listed by their order of presentation in the book. This list can be placed in the student's materials and included as part of the students' requirement to “graduate” from a particular piece (the student must be able to name all of the symbols presented in the book up through that piece).

6. Mystery Songs – A First Reader for the Guitar

Copies of this book can be ordered from Young Musicians Inc. at https://www.young-musicians.com.

7. Music Theory Studies for the Guitar

This book is a collection of teaching materials and worksheets that are useful for teachers of students of all ages, from the young beginner to the collegiate studio level.   The link given here offers just the contents of the book so that you can see how it is organized.  Copies of the entire book can be ordered from Young Musicians Inc. at https://www.young-musicians.com.

The two links 8 . and 9. given directly below are several pages from this book.  You are welcome to download, copy, and use with your students these two pages. I have made these available at no cost because they teach several fundamental skills that I believe all classical guitar teachers should be giving their students. 

8. Spelling Major Triads

This exercise uses the guitar as a tactile reference for developing this critical skill.  It also reinforces learning the notes in first and second positions.

9. Playing the Order of the Sharps

Using the guitar as a tactile reference for learning and easily recalling major and minor key signatures.

10. Harmonic Analysis of Your Repertoire

This publication is a continuation of the skills presented in the Music Theory Studies for the Guitar described above.  These tried and tested lessons give students more advanced music theory skills - skills that enable students to do harmonic analysis of their repertoire if the teacher is interested in taking students that far.  The link given here offers just the contents of the book so that you can see how it is organized.  The book is available from Young Musicians Inc. at https://www.young-musicians.com.

11. All Student Listening & Practice Tutorials

The link below will take you to a Dropbox folder in which you will be able to download music sheets, samples, and other files related to our classes.